Viticulture in the Lands of Frattula

verdicchio grapesIn the Marche region the grapes are the main growing. In the province of Ancona there is Verdicchio grape, which has been the best expression of the wine trade in the Marche.

The Verdicchio wine production characterizes the Lands of Frattula. The long conical bunch is generally yellow-greenish. There are various interpretations: Verdicchio Classic, Superior, Reserva, Champagne and Passito.

Black grape of considerable value is the Lacrima di Morro d'Alba. It is produced in a limited area (Morro d'Alba). It is an ancient, unique native grape variety, still known from the time of Barbarossa. The wine has a ruby-red appearance, with purple hues; the flavor is intense and dry taste.

Other grape varieties, which are present in the Lands of Frattula are Montepulciano, wineSangiovese, Cabernet and Vernaccia (black grape). While it is common for the white grape Malvasia, Trebbiano and Biancame.

The shape of the clay soil, the altitude (hilly region), and the mild climate make this area an ideal place for the production of fine wine.

During last years there has been a great and intelligent effort to update the agricultural techniques without trauma to transform a partially obsolete viticulture and to make quality standards more consistent.