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Castel Colonna is a small, hilly village surrounded by ancient walls on which stands the "Torre Malatestiana", Vittoria Colonna wanted to erect this tower as a challenge. The tower is without a doubt the oldest and most prestigious monument of Castel Colonna. Under the arch tower, which is the entrance to the village, we find the marble plaque with the dedicatory inscription to Vittoria Colonna.

castel colonna


One of the most important medieval village of Marche, it is an extraordinary example of military architecture, in fact it has one kilometer of perfectly preserved defensive walls with intact towers. Within the walls an homogeneous urban structure gives great suggestion.


Monterado arose in 1267 under the religious and economic influence of the Monastery of Fonte Avellana. The history of this place is interesting: from Monastery of Fonte Avellana dependence to the Malatesta, from Urbino dukedom to the German / Hungarian College.


Ripe is an agricultural center and city of crafts: wood carvers and craftsmen of iron. Discovering strong social value of craft capable of transmitting human values considered in its creative potential, in its ability to work and the sense of belonging to their own land, for which its products turn out to be a symbolic bridge that connects the past to the future.


The city is situated on the Adriatic Sea and it offers a variety of attractions as well as the famous “velvet beach” and various monuments such as the well-known Rocca Roveresca, a lesser-known but equally enchanting hinterland of which are part of the Montedoro Forest and Pioppeto della Bruciata: breathtaking views and walks in contact with nature.