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Fonte Avellana

Monastery of Santa Croce of Fonte Avellana

The Monastery of Fonte Avellana is located at the foot of Mount Catria. Its origins lie approximately at the end of the first Christian millennium. Thanks to St. Pier Damiani Fonte Avellana become a great place where there was a spiritual and cultural impulse, who made the hermitage a center of attraction and diffusion of monastic life, with great influence on the reform of religious and social life. The monastery consists of an architecture in stone, now almost fully restored to its original beauty. It is possible to visit the oldest rooms of the monastery placed on the ground floor.

Santa Maria del Piano

The Church of Santa Maria del Piano is the oldest architectural evidence of Corinaldo. The structure is evidence of a previous pagan temple dedicated to Portuno a river god. In the twelfth become one of the eight monasteries that formed the Congregation Avellanese. Today the building has a single nave with a trussed roof and apse.


Archaeological site

Since 2001 the site of the church of Madonna del Piano is affected by an archaeological survey project that has so far brought to light a large area of a cemetery placed around the apse, while on the south side appeared the remains of the cloister of the monastery.

Montedoro Hill

Between Scapezzano and Cesano there is the Hill of Montedoro, a charming place, a destination for walking and hiking. It is a beautiful scenic spot overlooking the Cesano river. On the Montedoro Hill there was an important prehistoric settlement which was followed by the most significant group of Picenes and then the Romans. There were found numerous archaeological finds that are now kept at the Archaeological Museum of Ancona and the Museum of Agriculture in Senigallia.
At the top of the hill there is a small church, used in the past and now opened only on rare special occasions including the wonderful event "Poems in the silence", organized each year by the Association Amici della Foce del Fiume Cesano.

Museum of the History of Mezzadria Sergio Anselmi

 Piazzale delle Grazie, 2 (on a hill, 2 km from the center)

The museum is housed in a wing of the former Convent delle Grazie, there are 30 exhibition areas and about 2000 exhibits documenting the daily life and agricultural work in the Marche until 1970. In the permanent exhibition there are also Mario Giacomelli photographs about peasant labor and  agricultural landscape.

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