Extra virgin olive oil of Marche

extravergin olive oilThe quality and uniqueness of the typical extra virgin olive oil of Marche are partially determined by the varieties of olives that contribute to the production. The Leccino and Frantoio are the basis of almost all the oil produced in our region. In Frattula region we find the Raggia, the Rosciola and Raggiola type.
The prevailing taste of Frattula oil is sweet and light, medium fruity, sometimes with a pleasant hint of bitterness thanks to the olive groves located in the hills and the high permeable calcareous-clay soil, rich in minerals. It is also very important the collection carried out almost exclusively by hand and the method to obtain the olive oil rigorously through cold pressing.


olive oilIt is the fruit of the olive tree, a very long-lived plant (it can live several hundred years) of ancient origins. The tree can reach heights of over 20m, it has a stocky, twisted and often cracked trunk. The evergreen foliage is sparse and light, the small, long and narrow leaves are translucent and dark green on the upper side and silvery white on the bottom. The olive is a fleshy berry with a greenish skin first and then purplish-black when ripe completed. The harvesting is done during the months between November and January in order to obtain a light oil with little acidity, good flavor and not too strong.

The olive oil extraction includes three basic steps:

  • THE GRINDING it consists in grinding the olives and kernels allowing the extraction of oil. The traditional method is still the mills with two large granite wheels that rotate on a granite large base.
  • THE KNEADING it consists of mixing the paste obtained to reduce its volume, but especially to separate water from the oil.
  • THE EXTRACTION here there is the division of the kneaded paste between oil, water and the solid residue. Now there is the decanting, in fact, the oil is not yet ready so the oil is put in special containers where the oil will tend to float on water and solid residues of vegetation shall rest on the bottom.